Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cheaper greener tips to stay cool!

It is BLOODY hot outside here in New England! Since cranking up the AC or driving to somewhere cool (Grocery store, movies, water park, etc.) costs money, let's think of some ways to stay cool on a budget.
*if you have babies or toddlers, let them play with cold washcloths in a bowl of ice water
*get some box fans going and drape wet towels over them
*drink plenty of ice water or iced tea (but not too much caffeine- it's dehydrating)
*go somewhere CLOSE and cool- maybe the library or a lake that is within walking distance
*take a walk in the woods- it's usually several degrees cooler (but make sure to check for ticks after)
*if you don't have an outside pool or a kiddie pool, try filling up the bathtub with cool water and let the kids take a REALLY long bath
*Cover the windows that the sun shines in the most with towels or heavy curtains, keep the lights off, and don't use the stove or oven to cook

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