Saturday, May 10, 2008

To blog or not to blog...

This blog has been a long time coming. I have actually been thinking about things I could write about when I'm in the shower, going to sleep, waking up, nursing Ollie... I've decided that writing is probably the best way to keep my sanity while staying home with a baby (maybe now I can get rid of the "Elmo's World" theme song that is perpetually stuck in my head). I have so many thoughts floating around that just need to get out-- and here is my chance to evict them.

I hope you enjoy reading about my stuggles and triumphs while I'm elbow-deep in baby poo or potting soil letting the dust bunnies float on by. In the coming days, weeks and months you can read about everything from cloth diapers to buying a house (I hope) to finding calm amid the chaos.

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Duck411 said...

Ag. Econ - that's cool. That's my hubby's degree. I'm working on a sociology degree w/ a minor in writing. I love your blog btw! lol. It's got me thinking I should start one of my own - writing about things really helps me maintain my sanity,too, and I think somebody out there might benefit from my realizations/experiences/posted info. lol. Also, your DS is 1 month older than my DD. Neatoriffic :)