Friday, October 3, 2008

Netflix- a good deal?

Hubby and I LOVE movies. We used to spend a fortune renting movies when we had no cable or satellite and we were living the baby-free life, then we found Netflix. Instead of spending $3.50 plus the cost of gas every time we wanted to see something (which was 3-4 times per week), we could pay about $15 per month for 2 movies out at a time. As soon as we send one back, there's a new movie in the mailbox 2 days later. Let's look at how much that saved us:

(round it up to $4.50 per movie to account for gas)
so $4.50 x 4 movies per week = $18 x 4 weeks = $72!
with Netflix, the cost per month is only $15 for the 2 out at a time, and if we watch movies the day we get them, we can end up with about 3-4 per week.
Total Savings: $57 per month!

Netflix also has some hard-to-find flicks and seasons of your favorite shows, which is an added bonus.

Now, if $15 is a little more than you would like to spend, they have a 1 movie out at a time plan for 8.99 plus tax-- still a pretty good deal.

If you'd rather spend um... nothing, check out your local library. They may not have the best selection, but free is good.

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